Caribbean Breeze Frozen Foods

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CARIBBEAN BREEZE FROZEN FOODS has developed a complete line of stuffed Caribbean style fritters that will enhance your menu offerings such as main plates, side plates, appetizers, tapas, or bar menu.  Our fillings are very flavorful resulting in mouthwatering treats.


Our products are created by experienced hand-crafters and the use of customized equipment resulting in the creation of totally authentic presentations, textures, and flavors. The origin of each ingredient is absolutely essential in order to create an authentic product. Due to this belief, all of our ingredients are processed under strict guidelines for us to further process into a finished product. Our products are shipped frozen and ready to fry, bake, steam, or boil.


We are a USDA inspected manufacturing facility and we adhere to stringent guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure all our products are safe, fresh, and exceed industry standards. Our 50,000 sq. ft. modern facility has output capacity to fulfill any order and provide great customer service. We have an in-house Quality Control Lab and a Test Kitchen.


Our products are available through food service distributors. Contact your local distributor or Caribbean Breeze Frozen Foods, Corp. for more information.


Areas of Speciality:



Our Test Kitchen can develop any item that a customer is interested in. With Help and Guidance, our master developers can bring any item to life on a food-service level. 


Using old world recipes and recipes handed down through generations, Caribbean Breeze has created mouth -watering delicious foods that make anyone come back for more.


All of our products come individually wrapped in space saver boxes. Custom packaging and sizes are available upon request. Please contact CBFF for more information.